Author: LMGaborAuthor

As You Level Up Your Social Media Feed Should Too

There’s no denying social media gets a bad rap, for VERY justifiable reasons. Its misuse can lead to a person feeling insecure, inadequate, jealous, depressed, and with a poor body image—among other possible negative side effects. The reality is, it’s not social media that’s the problem, it’s how YOU manage your social media feed. I […]

How I Plan to Successfully NOT Have Sex Before Marriage

When I made the conscious decision to not have sex again until I’m married, my first thought was, “How the fuck am I going to do that?” Like all things, I set about to make a plan and take action. I was hell bent on doing things the right way with my next chance at […]


It is imperative that women take a more active role in their sexual encounters and demand reciprocity. After all, sex is meant to feel good and be satisfying for BOTH partners. Gone are the days where sex is all about the man and his pleasure. It’s time for women to take control of their sexual […]