More About Lacie

I’ve come to learn that the purpose of my writing is to show others that transformation is possible, especially with God’s help! 

My memoirs are my transformation from being broken, desperate, needy, and insecure to confident, self-trusting, and full of discernment. I have gone from the lowest depths of despair, to being filled with God’s love and acutely aware of His messages. 

From the beginning, back in 2018 until now, every door opened and everything aligned. I was also keenly aware of the fact that when I sat at my computer to write, the words, sentences, and paragraphs felt as if they flowed through me—little to no thought needed. My fingers were often unable to keep up with the pace at which the words flowed out of me. 

The woman I was in book 1, Confidence is Alluring, was broken, empty, and didn’t know which way to turn. To numb my pain, I threw myself into the arms of men who were nearly half my age. Each casual experience left me feeling good in the moment, but ultimately damaged me a little more with every encounter. These experiences catapulted me into a journey of healing and learning about men and dating—topics I felt ignorant about and previously had little experience with. 

Little did I know at the start of all this, my journey would also be spiritual in nature. In sharing my story, I hope to show you who I was when it  began, in Confidence is Alluring, and how God has transformed me by book 3, Discernment is Transformative

The woman I am today is strong, resilient, confident, full of peace, happy, and filled with hope and optimism for my future. If you are truly curious if God really exists, then I invite you to read my story and join me on my journey while at the same time finding the strength to start your own.  

Join me.

Take my hand! Let’s evolve together!