Upon coming to terms with my own belief in God, I quickly realized there are a lot of people who claim to believe in God, but who do not REALLY believe in God.

Let’s face it, if you truly believe in God, you believe in the stories of the bible and you believe to your core anything is possible. Even things out of the realm of our own understanding.

But alas, it takes a whole heap of faith to believe what we can’t see or what we believe isn’t possible and I’ve come across very few people at the beginning of my walk with God who truly believe.

My belief in God is the most powerful thing I’ve felt in my life, so much so that I consider myself a faithpreneur. This is due to my desire to help others see God’s messages and feel his love.

One of the first steps I’m taking as a faithpreneur is to surround myself with believers. With faith comes A LOT of questions. I was quickly aware I needed other people around me who had the same experiences and who I could connect with.

It’s reminiscent of when I got divorced. I felt so alone. Nobody I knew had gone through it so although I had friends and family to talk to, I really had no one whom I could relate to. Nor did I have anyone to guide me or give me advice. I have come to realize that I need a faith family now more than ever. I need someone who believes in me and will support me.

Another step I’ve taken is to contact the pastor of the church I attend. He was so helpful in explaining things I’m struggling with.

Downloading a daily devotional app is helpful as well. Each day I read a short passage of scripture and answer a thought question. Every day I think about what I read and how to apply it to my life.

Finally, I’ve continued listening to sermons every week, even when I can’t attend church. As usual, the messages seem tailored to my needs. It’s my regular Monday morning routine to listen while I walk. I can’t think of a better, more uplifting way to start the day.

So, if you’re just starting your walk with God, I encourage you to create a support network of believers to help guide you.

A person can never have too much love and support in their lives!

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