Intuition is Really God’s Nudge

Intuition is a feeling or sensation I had only experienced sporadically throughout my life. I used to believe it was random. Only recently have I realized it’s God’s nudge or his way of giving us a sense of knowing.

I can think of some VERY compelling times in my past where intuition worked in my favor.

The first time I can remember was shortly after my husband left. I took Aubrey to the movies. She was 3 at the time. She had fallen asleep and was draped across my chest. As I watched Shrek, trying not to disturb her sleep, I had an instant epiphany that my ex-husband and my best friend were involved with one another. Upon having this

knowledge inside me, I began to contemplate if there were any signs or something that might confirm what I felt I suddenly knew to be true. Sure, there were a couple things, but no clear evidence of any kind.

As soon as we returned home from the movies, I confronted my ex-husband and knew by his evasiveness to my questions that he was involved with her, thus confirming the knowledge I’d received out of nowhere.

At the time, I hailed female intuition as the greatest gift we could ever receive. Now, I unequivocally know it was God.

Another time I felt a strong sense of intuition was when I was woken from my sleep one night. I was in the midst of one of several court battles with my ex. I NEVER check my phone at night, even during restlessness or insomnia because I feel it engages my brain and keeps me awake longer. In this instance, I felt an overwhelming urge to check my phone. So, I did.

I found a message from a friend who was an attorney. Her message said, “Tomorrow is the last day he can serve you. Most judges will postpone a hearing date if a person is not served. If you can avoid getting served, you will most likely win your case.”

I was shocked, not only at what she was telling me, but also at the fact that my compelling feeling led to this very important revelation. I took action immediately. I texted a friend to see if he could drop Aubrey off with her dad in the morning. The next day, the final day I could be served, I knew without a doubt a process server would be waiting for me at our drop off location.

Sure enough, when my friend dropped her off, there was a process server waiting in his car looking all around for my car. Shortly thereafter I received a text from my ex. He wasn’t even there yet and showed up 10 minutes late (which is completely out of character). The process server had told him I wasn’t there.

“Aubrey is there waiting for you and has been since 5 minutes before our scheduled time,” is all I replied. I avoided getting served due to leaving town that morning and arranging for Aubrey to get dropped off by a friend. Despite my ex’s unscrupulous attorney submitting false paperwork that documented me being served, I won the court case.

To a non-believer, these examples may look like a series of coincidences or even great luck. To someone who knows and sees how God works, this is exactly how he gets things done. He urges, gives signs, messages (from seemingly out of nowhere), and fills us with knowledge.

It is ultimately up to the person to act on it. If I had never acted on these intuitive events, the outcomes, at least for the latter, could have been very different.

So, the next time you have a strong intuition or feeling, I suggest you take heed and act. I also encourage you to open yourself up to the fact that there are other possibilities aside from luck, coincidence, and “the universe”.

Ask yourself, how can being open to other explanations, such as the existence of God, hurt you.

The answer: it can’t.

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