As You Level Up Your Social Media Feed Should Too

There’s no denying social media gets a bad rap, for VERY justifiable reasons. Its misuse can lead to a person feeling insecure, inadequate, jealous, depressed, and with a poor body image—among other possible negative side effects.

The reality is, it’s not social media that’s the problem, it’s how YOU manage your social media feed.

I have always used social media for two purposes. First to keep in touch with family and friends and to see what is going on in their lives. We don’t have the capacity to make everyone a part of our inner circle, but that doesn’t mean we should lose touch.

Second, I use social media to intentionally motivate and inspire myself. By following people I emulate and who make a positive difference in the world, I internalize the drive to do the same.

Recently I discovered I wasn’t feeling “fed” by my social media feed. Because my needs leveled up and I no longer struggled with self-esteem, motivation, nor body image issues, following accounts that focused on these topics no longer helped me grow. As such, I unfollowed most of them. The few I kept were because they made me happy or smile.

As I leveled up, my next challenge was strengthening my relationship with God and increasing my biblical knowledge. As a result, I actively sought out social media accounts that fed me in a spiritual way. It may come as no surprise, but it made a world of difference in my internal peace and gave me fuel to grow spiritually.

Additionally, I downloaded a daily devotional app to receive bible verses with accompanying thought questions. I no longer felt the need to think about communication, relationships or personal growth, as I’d already somewhat mastered my approach to these things.

If you’ve read my first two books, you recall my continuous sightings of the number 824. On the morning of 8/24 I listened to a sermon that guided me to a daily devotional app—divinely led without a doubt.

I knew immediately the app would be transformational for me. Not only was there a bible verse to read, but also a thought question. I typed my brief one sentence answer to the thought question on the journal link and alas, day one of deepening my spiritual connection.

So, if you want to keep feeding yourself and you’re ready to level up, I encourage you to do the same. Delete what isn’t motivating or inspiring you and find what will.

Only YOU can transform your life!

We all have choices we make every day, make yours count!

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