It is imperative that women take a more active role in their sexual encounters and demand reciprocity. After all, sex is meant to feel good and be satisfying for BOTH partners.

Gone are the days where sex is all about the man and his pleasure. It’s time for women to take control of their sexual needs in an open and honest way.

In order to get more, though, you might have to give more.

I know what you’re thinking, it’s always about the man. It’s MY turn!

Hear me out.

My rule of thumb is I do to my partner as I would want him to do to me.

Here are 8 things I do in bed to be a good sexual partner:

  1. I talk openly.
  1. I ask directly for what I want.
  1. I show how I like to be touched if need be.
  1. My hands lustfully touch his body.
  1. My initiation shows my man he’s wanted.
  1. I verbally and non-verbally express arousal.
  1. I’m open minded (within reason).
  1. I try to always say YES to sex, even when I’m tired.

These are the things I would want a partner to do for me.

Sex, after all, should be about giving, not just receiving.

What do you do to get what you want in bed?

How do you create reciprocity?

Comment below.

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