My Spiritual Journey: Part 1

My spiritual journey was not only transformational, but completely unexpected. I’ve always considered myself agnostic. No real belief in any higher power, but not 100% closed off either. Let’s face it, if a lot of people believe aliens exist, then why wouldn’t they believe in God?

My thoughts all started to change when I dated 24, my kryptonic ex.

For the first time in my life, I attended church regularly. I was far from being a believer in 2012 when I first attended church with 24.

In full disclosure, I only attended church to spend time with him. It was our Saturday night routine: church and dinner, then an activity such as the movies, roller skating, a bonfire, dancing with friends…taking turns to plan.

At first, I didn’t believe in God, but I found the positive life messages intoxicating. Forgiveness, hope, and patience were merely a few of the topics addressed. Combined with bible verses and a real-life application, the sermons triggered my mind in a way it had never been before.

I have always been a contemplative person, religiously writing in my dairy as a child, already processing trauma. But sermons? They triggered self-reflective thoughts and had a call to action at the end. For someone like me, this was almost a challenge.

On the same hand, it always made sense. If I choose to forgive, I will feel happier and lighter. If I set goals to achieve my dreams, it gives me purpose in life. Patience can only be developed through waiting.

At the end of every sermon, I asked 24, “What is your takeaway?” At first, he was caught off guard. I think I was the first person who ever asked him. 

Then I’d ask, “How are you going to apply it to your life?” A question which further stumped him.

I answered first to show him how I was processing and internalizing the message.

Every single time I walked away from church, I had a personal goal and a plan for how I’d carry it out. 

Over time and a hell of a lot of sermons later, I unexpectedly believed in God.

You can’t really describe the feeling of peace that comes from attending church until you take the first step and go. If you’re like me, everything will feel unfamiliar and even uncomfortable. Solely because of the newness of it all. After some time, you’ll begin to feel at home and at peace. I actually began to crave it.

There is something VERY powerful about church and the clarity it brings with it!

If you’ve never been or have had a long hiatus, I encourage you to go to church on Sunday, or listen to a sermon online.

Are the people warm and welcoming?

Do you feel welcomed and accepted for who you are?

Did you feel a sense of peace and calm while you’re there?

Was there a message you felt was meant for you? Something you can apply to your life to make it happier and more harmonious?

You have absolutely nothing to lose by opening your mind to other possibilities!

Who knows, if you’re like me, it might end up being the best decision of your life!

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