Have You Ever Encountered Erectile Dysfunction?

Erectile dysfunction is so common that according to an article I read on Singlecare.com, 822 million men around the world are projected to have ED by the year 2025. Um, that’s not too far in the future and that’s a hell of a lot of men.

Although I’ve experienced many men with erectile dysfunction, only one man was brave and vulnerable enough to discuss it. The others pretended it wasn’t happening.

100% of the men with ED adapted and found other ways to bring me to climax, without penetration.

Not surprising, when I looked up statistics, I found that the United States, China, and Japan have the highest number of cases of ED. I wonder if it has any correlation with their work-life balance (or lack thereof)?

Regardless, if there are so many men who have (and will have) ED, why aren’t we talking about it openly?

Through open communication men can get help and enjoy healthy sex lives for the remainder of their days.

Why do we talk openly about healing other ailments, but are hush-hush when it comes to anything sex related?

Men don’t deserve judgement; they deserve reverence for having the balls to openly talk about it. Or better yet, adapt and learn how to satisfy a woman, even if they can’t drill one home.

Let’s remove the stigma and start talking about topics that affect us all.

YOU control the level of communication you have with others!

Start talking about real life challenges and struggles!





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