Sex & Sensuality

My sexuality aged like a fine wine. Despite having sexual desires in my twenties, I failed to fully act on them until my mid-forties when my appetite was voracious.

When I think back to the few sexual encounters I had in my twenties, only one stood out. It was the first one night stand I’d ever had. Oddly enough, I was at a birthday party for my high school sweetheart’s older brother. One of his drunk friends took interest in me. He was glued to me on the dance floor. One thing led to another, and we had sex.

That was not only my first casual sexual encounter, but it was the first time I realized sex has the potential to blow your mind. Due to the age, and most assuredly the experience difference between us, I pretty much just laid there in awe of all he did to please me.

From taking the time to touch every inch of my body, to having immeasurable passion, the sex we had blew my mind. I knew immediately I wanted more. He was the first man to talk to me while we had sex (which shot my arousal through the roof) and the first time I felt a man make passionate love to me. It was the kind of sex you can’t stop thinking about and lights your crotch on fire when you do.

Much to my dismay, he lived out of town, and it was only a one-time encounter. I made it very clear to my ex’s brother that if his friend should return, I’m more than game to spend time with him. It never happened.

Unlike this night of fun, I spent the majority of my twenties single and in college. I earned my bachelor’s and master’s degrees back-to-back. I worked full time while attending school at night and babysat for rich families on the weekends. I spent my twenties hustling and I don’t regret a thing.

For these reasons, I’d only dated a few men. My sex life was stunted and quite frankly, I didn’t care. I was laser focused on my education and saving money.

Fast forward to my forties. My sex drive was insatiable. Yet, I found myself single and alone with no little black book. So, I went online knowing it would be the quickest way to meet men. After all, I wasn’t really looking for quality, I was looking for hot and horny.

In hindsight, I truly understand why younger men wanted to sleep with me. It’s no different than my first casual sexual experience.

Did I have great sex with an older man? Fuck yeah!

Did he help improve my bedroom skills? Absolutely! So, I completely understand that younger men have everything to gain by sleeping with an older woman. Older women and younger men are a mutually beneficial combination to say the least.

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